Our company at a glance

StillPoint Systems help solo practitioners and small-sized legal, tax, and financial advisers of the San Gabriel Valley avoid the risk of IT related malpractice claims by protecting their data and offering complete IT solutions. We focus on the cyber risks and business continuity while providing strategic solutions in hosted email platforms, data and network security, and one-on-one consulting. Although our focus is on helping those requiring compliance, we will never turn away any small business aligning will our security model and genuinely in need of our help.

Senior technology advisor for an independently owned IT security and consulting company StillPoint Systems

We have helped financial advisors, tax accountants, and legal firms prevent IT-related malpractice and data breaches. The primary focus of StillPoint Systems is to help solo practitioners and small-sized operations reduce cyber risks and ensure business continuity.

Abe Madyun
Senior IT Consultant

Focus Areas

  • 01 . IT Strategy and Planning
  • 02 . Business Continuity and Compliance
  • 03 . Data Security and File Encryption
  • 04 . Worry-Free IT Support
  • 05 . Network Management
  • 06 . Mobile Device Security