Did you know that a lot of intellectual theft occurs when a person simply steps away from a computer or leaves drives laying around? It’s true. HR and finance teams are significant targets because of the information that is kept on their machines. The information is personal and financial, which can benefit a thief looking to make money off of stolen information. This is why it is important for companies to implement HR and finance team security policies. Implement These Security Policies
The following are some security policies that you can easily implement within your HR and finance departments:
  1. Lock Your Computer – All it takes is for you to step away from an unlocked computer one time for information to be stolen very quickly.
  2. Keep USB Drives Safe – Don’t leave them plugged into a computer and walk away. A USB drive can be unplugged by the wrong person and easily hidden.
  3. Don’t Keep External Drives Laying Around – External drives are becoming smaller and more portable. Leaving an external drive on your desk and walking away leaves it wide open to theft.
  4. Make Sure Screens Are Hidden from View – People may look over your shoulder. Screens should never be within view of visitors, such as delivery people.
  5. Always Ask for Identification – People can impersonate delivery people and other vendors, especially internet providers. It’s possible to plug a small device into a computer and access it remotely. This act gives a thief access to everything on that machine.