We live in a world where cyber thieves are constantly seeking personal information that they can use for their own personal gain. To do this, they use many advanced techniques to steal your data. Ensuring that you have secure passwords protecting your personal information is one of the most basic things you can do personally and professionally. How to Create Secure Passwords
Below are tips that will help you create strong passwords for your private accounts.
  1. Don’t make your password obvious. Hackers know all the tricks, so using words like love, welcome, pa$$word1, password123, your child’s name, or your anniversary leaves you wide open. Use passwords that contain a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols that you can remember.
  1. Don’t write your password down on paper or store your passwords in an unencrypted file that a hacker could easily access if they hijacked your computer.
  1. Use a different password for every account you have. That way, a hacker doesn’t have access to every account you own if they figure out one password.
  1. Don’t use words found in the dictionary. It’s common for a person to find a word in the dictionary that applies to them. If a hacker learns about you by scouring your social media profiles, they could find that word.
  1. Your password shouldn’t contain anything that can be found in a social media profile. If you have mentioned your pet’s name in pictures on your Facebook profile, don’t use your pet’s name in your password. If you mentioned your favorite sport on Snapchat, don’t include the name of the sport in your password.
  1. Use a secure password manager that encrypts information so hackers can’t access it. This will help you keep track of your passwords in case you forget which one you used where.
By taking the above steps, you can hacker-proof your online accounts. In other words, you can protect business accounts, bank accounts, social media accounts, and much more. You can protect everything so that your information isn’t stolen and used in ways that could cause damage that can take years to repair.