Datto Alto 3: Protecting the Data of Small Businesses

Datto Alto 3 is an all-in-one Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solution designed to prevent data loss and minimize downtime for your organization

Data is the most important asset of most businesses today and protecting your business data is crucial to ensure business continuity. Datto Alto 3 offers a robust and professional backup solution specifically designed for Small Businesses and nonprofit organizations with a price that is affordable for growing and small organizations. Datto Alto Pricing is available upon request.


It’s not a question of If but a question of when and what it will cost


SMBs Experienced a Malware Attack in the Last 2 Years


The average cost of a Ransomware Attack. While $5,900 was the average cost of ransom in 2019, and $141,000 was the average cost of downtime.



Small Businesses that experience major data loss go out of business within a year

Source: Datto Ransomware Report & PricewaterhouseCooper

Features & Benefits of the ALTO 3

On Site Data Protection

Your data is backed up on site using the Datto ALTO 3 device we will ship you.

Offsite Cloud Protection

Information on the Alto 3 is backedup to the cloud so you can have access to your data in case of damage to your office.

Fast Data Recovery

Information backed up on ALTO can be recovered within minutes and we can help you restore a specific file or full systems in minutes.


Complete Confidence In Your Backups

With the Datto backup verification service, you can confirm your data is backed up successfully and up to date. 


The ALTO 3 will detect suspicious activity and will notify you of likely ransomware attacks. 


The Datto ALTO 3 works right out of the box and requires minimal setup and we provide the support to get you setup quickly.

Small Device

The ALTO 3 provides big benefits and security but is small enough to fit on a desktop. The Datto Alto 3 measures only 5 x 5 x 2 inches.


The Datto ALTO 3 offers robust and reliable data protection at a price that is affordable for small and medium sized businesses.

ALTO 3 Hardware Specifications

Storage 2TB
OS Drive
CPU Intel Celeron 3865U
Network  1 x 1GbE
Chassis Mini Desktop


Frequently Asked Questions about Datto Alto 3

What operating systems does the Datto Alto 3 work with?

Datto Alto 3 is designed to work with the most common operating systems in use by small and medium business: Windows, Mac and Linux. Datto Alto works with the more recent versions of these operating systems. We will work with you to ensure that the Alto 3 will work with your business network.

Are there minimum network speed requirement to use the Datto Alto?

The Datto Alto relies on internet connectivity to back up your data to the cloud. The minimum connectivity requirement is 1 Gigabit. If you are a small business owner without IT support or staff, we will assist you in determining if you have adequate network connectivity to support the Datto Alto 3.

Virtualization is a key benefit of the Datto Alto 3, but why should you care?

The Datto Alto 3 backup and disaster recovery solution makes a virtual copy of the computer or server you choose to backup. Virtualization, defined as making this virtual copy, means everything on that computer or server gets copied, including the operating system, software and all the data. The key benefit of this virtual copy is that if your server or computer crashes, a complete copy can be set up on new hardware very quickly, saving you lots of time that you would otherwise spend reloading operating systems, software and more.

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