Datto Edge Routers

Datto Network Appliance (DNA) and D200

Our networking edge router family of products includes two models: the Datto Network Appliance (DNA) and the D200. These cloud managed edge routers and internet fail-over devices are designed to keep your business running even when you lose access to the internet.
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Features & Benefits of Datto Networking Edge Routers

Always Connected Internet

In the event that internet connection is lost, the Datto Edge Routers will keep your organization connected to the internet so your organizaiton can continue operations.

Integrated Firewall

These edge routers include stateful firewall and intrusion detection  designed to protect against unwanted cyber threats.

Enhanced Web Content Filtering

Stop threats from coming into your network and also communicating back out to the internet.

Cloud Based Management

Accessed through an online secure Datto account you can manage your network from anywhere.

Datto Networking Appliance (DNA) Edge Router

Designed for environments with 254 or less devices

For organizations that cannot have any downtime

Includes full 4G LTE failover

Stateful firewall

Secondary internet failover connection

Two WAN ports, both active/active- allows for two ISPs and the available LTE failover


See how the the DNA Edge Router Works and Get Your Questions Answered by a Datto Engineer

Monthly subscription will charged after edge router has shipped and has been installed.

Is the DNA the Right Edge Router for Your Organization?

You have complex VPN Configuration Needs

The DNA edge router may be the best option for your organizaiton if you have complex VPN configuration needs such as: setting a shared secret, entering a subnet and subnet mask, add users, multiple site-to-site topologies and more.

You Need Multiple Failover Options

With 2 WAN ports, you can have 2 separate ISPs connected to its own WAN. If the first ISP is down, the device fails over to the second ISP. If both ISPs are down, the business can continue operations using the 4G LTE connection.

You Need On-Device Intrusion Detection

The DNA uses SNORT for intrusion detection and prevention and all processing is done on the local device resulting in much faster performance.

Your LTE Signal Strength is Unreliable

With an external, high-gain LTE antenna and the option to purchase indoor or outdoor extension cables, your DNA will get the best possible LTE signal.

D200 Edge Router

Designed for environments with 40 users or less

High performance edge router with built in AC Wave 1 wireless

For organizations that can do without VPN connections in the event of LTE failover

Priced competitively for cost conscious organizations



See how the the D200 Edge Router Works and Get Your Questions Answered by a Datto Engineer

Monthly subscription will charged after edge router has shipped and has been installed.

Key Specifications for Datto Edge Routers

Datto Networking Appliance (DNA) D200
Integrated WiFi 3 x 3 802.11ac None

4G LTE Failover

WAN Failover

4G LTE Failover
LTE Antennas External Extension options (North America only) Internal
Intrusion Detection & Prevention Yes No
Stateful Firewall Yes Yes
Enhanced Web Content Filtering Yes (Titan HQ) Yes (Titan HQ)
Processor 8 core 2.4GHz Intel Quad-core Mediatek 7623A ARM
Storage 32GB industrial compact flash 4GB eMMC flash

2-GigE WAN ports

4-GigE LAN ports

1-GigE WAN port

4-GigE LAN ports

1-SFP port

PoE No 2-24V Passive PoE

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