Datto NAS

Enterprise Grade Network Attached Storage

Datto NAS Mini Desktop

This enterprise grade network attached storage appliance provides completed data protection in local, virtual, and Cloud environments. The Datto NAS is architecturally similar to our Datto Siris. However, instead of storing machine images, it hosts, stores, and protects your data directly.

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Features & Benefits of DATTO NAS

Inverse Chain technology

Datto NAS features Inverse Chain Technology which enables fast and flexible restores.

All-In-One Product

The Datto NAS includes three major components: network addressable storage, local fault tolerance, and cloud backup storage and recovery. 

Ransomware Protection

In the event of a ransomware attack, the Datto NAS, using NAS Guard, mounts another storage device and automatically copies your data and keeps it safe in the Datto Cloud.

File Sharing

Files on the Datto NAS can be made available to anyone on your network whether they are using Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems. Easily manage user permissions and access to files and folders.

File Sync & Share

Datto NAS integrates with Datto Drive to enable the syncing of files so your users can access files from anywhere and any device.

Active Directory Integration

Configuration and group memberships are managed by importing users from Active Directory to then set permissions and manage admin access.

Hot-Swappable Bays

Hot-Swappable Bays ensures fast replacement of lost disks and upgrades.

Cloud Based File Restore

Accidents happen and files get deleted from time to time. In the event of data loss, your files can be accessed from the cloud and recovered easily.

RoundTrip Drives

Speed the process of set up by sending your drives for us to pre-seed with the initial snapshot. 


Purchasing the Datto NAS from StillPoint Systems means you will have a partner to support you.

Smooth On-boarding

StillPoint Systems will support you and your team to ensure that onboarding your Datto NAS is as seamless as possible.

Support During an Incident

If your organization has a major data loss incident we will assist and support your data recovery so you can focus on internal operations.

Datto NAS Models

Datto NAS Flash Business

Model N4-X1 N4-X2 DN-3X4
Capacity 1TB 2TB 4TB
CPU Intel Core i3-7100U Intel Core i3-7100U Intel Core i3-7100U
RAM 16GB (DDR4) 16GB (DDR4) 32 GB (DDR4)
NICs 1 x 1GbE 1 x 1GbE 1 x 1GbE
OS Drive
Chassis Mini Desktop Mini Desktop Mini Desktop

Datto NAS Business

Model DN3-B10000 DN3-B2000 DN3-B3000
Capacity 1TB 2TB 3TB
CPU Intel Xeon D 1521 Intel Xeon D 1521 Intel Xeon D 1521
RAM 32 GB (DDR4) 32 GB (DDR4) 32 GB (DDR4)
Array 2 x 1TB (RAID1) 2 x 2TB (RAID1) 2 x 4TB (RAID1)
NICs 2 x 1GbE 2 x 1GbE 2 x 1GbE
OS Drive 240GB SSD 240GB SSD 240GB SSD
Chassis Desktop Desktop Desktop
Output Power 250 W 250 W 250 W

Datto NAS Proffessional

Model N4-P2 N4-P4 N4-P6 N4-P10
Capacity 2TB 4TB 6TB 10TB
CPU Intel Xeon D2143IT Intel Xeon D2143IT Intel Xeon D2143IT Intel Xeon D2143IT
RAM 32GB (DDR4) 48GB (DDR4) 48GB (DDR4) 48GB (DDR4)
Array 2 x 2TB (RAID 1) 2 x 4TB (RAID 1) 2 x 6TB (RAID 1) 3 x 6TB (RAID 1)
NICs 2 x 10Gb 2 x 10Gb 2 x 10Gb 2 x 10Gb
OS Drive 240GB SSD 240GB SSD 240GB SSD 240GB SSD
Chassis 1U 1U 1U 1U
Output Power 560 W 560 W 560 W 560 W
Input Voltage 120-240 V 120-240 V 120-240 V 120-240 V

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