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Protect and Respond to Threats

In partnership with Sophos, we offer a selection of products to protect your endpoints which includes cloud-based endpoint management using Sophos Central, On Premise Endpoint Management and server endpoint management.

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What Are You Interested In?

Cloud Based Endpoint Protection

Protect your computers and workstations using Sophos Central.

On Premise Endpoint Protection

For organizations that currently have the infrastructure to manage their endpoints on-premise.

Server Endpoint Protection

We offer both cloud and on-prem server endpoint security solutions.

  • Ransomware 26% 26%
  • Advanced Malware 20% 20%
  • Email Malware 20% 20%
  • Generic Malware 12% 12%
  • Web Malware 12% 12%
  • Cryptocurrency Mining 8% 8%
  • Other 2% 2%

Basic Anti-Virus is No Longer Enough

Basic Anti-Virus Protects You Against Generic Malware, which accounted for only 12% of Threats.

Source: Sophos Labs, The State of Endpoint Security Today Survey

Endpoint Protection Brochures & Guides

Sophos Endpoint Buyers Guide Cover
Sophos Comprehensive Exploit Prevention Cover

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