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Protect Your Business Against Data Loss Across Google’s G Suite Family of Products Including Google Calender, Contacts, Drive and GMail

g suite backup

There is a widespread misunderstanding that data created in G Suite applications does not need to be backed up. While Google does protect your business data when it comes to any outages on their end, recovering data that was lost accidentally or because of a malicious act is usually not possible without an up to date backup.

Why Every Organization Needs to Backup Their G Suite Accounts


Avoid Downtime

Whether it’s time spent attempting to retrieve lost files or time spent recreating work that was loss, data loss results in downtime. With our G Suite Backups, your data will be restored with a few clicks so you and your team can get back to work.


Avoid Losing Data

If your G Suite data is deleted, whether by accident or intentionally, you will not be able to restore them without a proper backup. The only way to ensure your organization does not lose G Suite data is to backup your organization’s accounts.

The Benefits and Features of Our G Suite Backup Solution

Frequent Backups

Automatic backups of G Suite data are scheduled 3 times each day. You will be able to conduct additional backups manually, as needed.

Account Archiving

Save the data of past employees without paying for G Suite licenses. With unlimited data storage, you can easily archive all past employee data.

Quick Restore

Restore data in minutes with just a few clicks. G Suite data can be restored for specific files or for complete accounts. Restore files to either the user’s account or your computer.

Enterprise Scale

Our G Suite Backup solution is offered in partnerships with Datto, Inc. Trusted by enterprises, G Suite data is backed up alongside 350PB of data.

Recover From Ransomware

If your desktop files are synced continuiously with your Google Drive files, in the event of Ransomware, all your files stored in the Cloud will also be encrypted. Having a backup of G Suite will enable you to recover your files easily.

Maintain Compliance

If you need to retain your data for extended periods of time or ensure strict security standards, our G Suite Backup solution meets your complicance requirements. Copies of data is stored for as long as you want even after employee turnover. Our G Suite solution meets SOC 2 Type II compliance standards.

Easy and Quick Setup

Getting your G Suite backups setup is quuick and easy. It generally takes less than 5 minutes with all the work done online. No additional hardware is required. 

Exceptional Support

Our G Suite Backup solution is provided by Datto, Inc. with support provided by StillPoint Systems. We provide personalble and hands on support to help your organizaiton succeed.

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