Java has had a lot of issues in the recent past and you may be asking yourself what you should be doing about it — should you: disable; patch; enable; no no no disable again. All of this may leave you feeling confused and unsure as to where you should go from here. Hopefully asking yourself these questions will help. Do you need Java? There was a time in the past when Java was necessary to browse the web. But, nowadays, not so much. If you know you don’t need Java, I would totally recommend simply uninstall it. You can always re-install it later if it turns out that you do need it. Just go to: To uninstall Java, go to the “Control Panel” – “Program and Features” (Or Add/Remove Programs) find it in the list and uninstall. I definitely need Java — now what? If you determined that you absolutely need Java installed, the first thing you MUST do is make sure you have the latest version and update. As of this writing, the latest is version 7 update 11. If you are on a service plan with ATCG-TECH where we monitor your systems, we would have already patched your system or contacted you with instructions. However, please double check by going to and click Do I have Java? and then click Verify Java Version – make sure it is Version 7 Update 11. You also want to make sure you do not have any OLDER versions still installed. To uninstall older versions, go to the “Control Panel” – “Program and Features” (Or Add/Remove Programs) find any older versions of Java in the list and uninstall. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.