Part 3 – Removing Unused Applications and Other Clutter So believe or not, your PC doesn’t just hold on to your valuable personal data and what is essential for it to operate. It also stores a lot of non-essential data too (aka junk, aka clutter). For the most part, you probably are not even aware of it because most of it is unseen in hidden and arbitrary temporary folders. For example, did you know that Internet Explorer (as with most other browsers) store copies of every single Web page that you visit? Yesiree, it stores every image, video, and word for faster viewing later on. Not to mention there are also temporary files, your Internet history, cookies, and more all piled up in here and in there filling up your system’s hard disk. It doesn’t just end there. Those of you who purchased computers from retailers or vendors (as opposed to building your own PC) probably has a computer that was pre-loaded with numerous pieces of trial software. This software could be games, security suites, or possibly even full blown applications like Microsoft Office or Roxio CD Burner. Most of my clients never install some of these applications nor would they ever think of installing them. Others have used them, but later decided not to purchase them at the end of the trial. And yet there they remain on your system, wasting space and bloating the Windows Registry. I have some clients who have had their computers for years and when I ask them if they use XYZ Software application. They respond with, “No, I don’t even know what that is. I do not use it.” What makes me chuckle is when I ask, “So, you don’t mind if I remove it?”. They quickly object saying, “Leave it, I might want use it in the future!!!!”. My fellow computer user, over time, all of this will lead to performance problems and cause your system to become more sluggish and unreliable! Let me tell you how to handle this. One of the easiest ways to combat this clutter is to use “CCleaner” by Piriform. CCleaner is an awesome freeware utility for system optimization, privacy, and cleaning. I have used this tool to remove unused files from hard drives and it also cleans up web browser history clearing out from 1 to 5 gigabytes worth of data. One of its other most outstanding features is the registry cleaner. Most registry cleaners that I’ve used in the past usually end up putting your system in a worse off state than when it started. However, this is the first registry cleaner/optimizer that I’ve used that has NEVER ended up crashing my system. There is also an uninstaller to assists you in removing applications. So, let me know in the comments if you have any questions about what you’ve learned here! Stay Tune next week, where we will learn how to stay alert when installing “FREE” software and how to avoid getting more on your system then you asked for!! Same Abe The Computer Guy time — Same Abe The Computer Guy place!