In-house Server Setup, Repair, Migration, and Procurement for Glendale, CA Offices

We are available to help small businesses around Glendale, CA, with the setup, migration, repair, and installation of a new server. If your business network relies on an in-house server, any downtime or malfunction can significantly reduce the operations of your organization and its access to data. StillPoint Systems can help.

Server Repair Service

If your in-house server is giving you error messages, or it is just not functioning, we are available to diagnose any issues and work with you to create a plan to either migrate the data to a new server or, if possible, fix the underlying issues.

Server Migration Service

If you have purchased a new in-house server, or plan to do so in the coming weeks, we are available to help you plan the migration of your data. We will work with you to ensure minimal interruption to your business operations. Or, if you would like to purchase a server but have not done so yet, we can also assist you with that.

Windows 2008 Server Support Ends on January 14, 2020

We can help you upgrate your in-house server. 

After you submit your information,  will email you right away to schedule a phone meeting.

There is no obligation to purchase or work with us.

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