Small Business Backup

Solutions to Protect Data and Ensure Business Continuity for Small Enterprises

Backup Solutions for Your Small Business

If your data is the lifeblood of your small business, then choosing a backup solution that will protect your data is crucial. StillPoint Systems has partnered with Datto, Inc. to provide robust backup and business continuity solutions to small businesses that are often only available to large enterprises.

More than Just a Backup

A complete disaster recovery & business continuity solution

Recover in Minutes

Whether you lose one file or experience a disaster that wipes out all our data, you can recover your data in minutes.


Never lose Data

With backups taken every 5 minutes and saved both onsite and in the cloud, you will never again lose data and can get to work quickly after an accident or a disaster.

Help when you need it

When a disaster hits your business, we are here to support you and get your data back up as quickly as possible.

Small Business Backup Solutions

We offer a range of products and services to protect your small business network and data. We combine the following solutions to ensure complete data security for your organization.

Server Backup

We backup complete machines and servers, first to an onsite device and then to the cloud. Our server backup solution backs up the whole machine as frequently as every 5 minutes and in the event of a disaster, data can be restored in minutes.

Workstation Backup

For small organizaitons without servers, we offer cloud based workstation backup. Backups are conducted frequently and not only maintin a copy of your data but also take a snapshot or “image” your operating system and applications. In the event of a disaster your workstation can be restored within minutes, either on a new machine or in the cloud.

Office 365 & G Suite Backup

We provide complete backups of your Office 365 or G Suite Accounts. It is often assumed these cloud based applications keep backups of your data, but they don’t. If your employees accidentaly (or intentionally) delete your data or if you are hit with a cyber attack, you will not be able to recover emails or files stored in the cloud without a backup.

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