I have found that many small businesses without IT departments tend to have “them“. And in an entrepreneurial atmosphere such as small business, it is all too common. It is when you have an exceptionally talented worker who not only knows their own craft (the job they were hired to do), but they also know a little bit of tech as well. They may try to hide and downplay their abilities in the beginning, but when a printer needs to be networked, there is a desperation to get a new email setup, or some other troubleshooting scenario mounts pressure — they are soon found out and they become “The Accidental Computer Person“. Unfortunately, these “IT” staff members can make small businesses extremely vulnerable. Even though they are flexible, they are not experts in IT security. If they are not putting out good security measures and keeping up to date with the evolution of potential threats,  the odds of your business becoming a victim to those threats are huge.  Hackers also see this trend and are starting to make small businesses their target. They assume that small businesses do not have the same type of IT budgets that larger companies do — and they are usually correct. Managed IT Services change everything. This is where small businesses pay a monthly fee for a technology provider to handle all of their IT needs. It is effective, proactive, predictable, and affordable. Not only that, Abe The Computer Guy offers these services. We are also here to inform and recommend the many free and low cost software packages available out there that can further reduce your pains with IT. Keeping your business’s IT security updated does not need to cost much.  And even though it may be easier to assign those IT tasks to a current employee, making them your “Honorary IT Person”,  there are more secure, affordable, and sometimes free solutions that can ease the pain. Who in your company handles your IT?