A word of advice: If you are still running a system with Windows XP, it is imperative that you get a computer that runs Windows 7 before the end of the year and here is why: Very soon, Microsoft will be releasing their new operating system, “Windows 8”. Windows 8 is a huge risk for the personal computer industry because your desktop how you know it and how to interact with your applications will change *considerably*. Microsoft has decided to move toward a more “Non-Mouse”/”Non-Keyboard” interface route with this new operating system — much like your SmartPhone. The interface is called METRO. You will be clicking TILES, instead of icons. Just like Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play Store, your only option for purchasing and downloading Metro-style application will be the “Windows Store”. Amongst other features, the “Start Menu” goes away and the “Command Bar” goes away. And here is where it concerns you…. After Windows 8 is released, around end of October 2012, new computers will start shipping with Windows 8 on them. Windows 7 will soon dissipate to simply not being available. So, if you want to keep some level of familiarity with your computer operating system, please get a Windows 7 system before the year is over or when you do finally decide to ditch your old Windows XP computer, you will be in a realm of huge learning curves. Leave your questions and comments below.